15 Estates Wine Buyers Choice Awards 2022

As part of the continuous promotion of the products from all the Estates that are being showcased at the 15Estates Boutique Wine Show, we have two award categories to give recognition to great, drinkable wines from the show.

A team of wine buyers has been selected by the Royal Elephant Hotel and they were rating only nominated wines for inclusion in the 15 Estates Wine Display in the Zagora Grill Room. 

All the votes have been tallied and we have the selected wines by the Wine Buyers of the Royal Elephant Hotel and Zagora Grill Room.

Congratulations to the following Estates

A 15Estates wine is an easy drinking wine… It is a wine that the average wine lover will never get too much of…

Carmen Stevens Wines – NEMRAC 

Chamonix Estate – Cabernet Franc

Peter Falke Wines – KANOA Exclusive Blend

Stellenrust Wines – MCC Clement de Lur & Timeless

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