For the love of the Vine

Finding wines no-one knows about...

28-29 September 2024

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(per Day)


To the Boutique Wine Show

The place to find unknown gems

Have you ever had that dream…

…the one where you are walking down small town streets, finding a hole-in-the-wall little wine shop, selling a local, off brand wine that tastes like summer afternoons? 

And every time you taste the oaky plums, it takes you back to that day?

…well… that is the inspiration for this wine show… the story of finding that wine!

2 Days

5 Venues

15 Winemakers

Not just another "Wine" Event

Passion & Expertise

The winemakers invited to this show are established and skilful artist in their craft.

Limited Access

Limited access to the event means that you can spend time with each of the winemakers, getting to know the story behind each wine.

customer satisfaction

Any wine ordered at the event gets delivered to your door.

Family Tradition

Walk away from the weekend, knowing that you made new friends from the wine lands.

Direct to the Wine-Lover

Real Boutique Wines

the “15 Estates Boutique Wine Show” – a Limited Access wine expo focussed on promoting the sale of Boutique Wines to wine lovers and bulk buyers.

Our goal is to create an annual event that is bookmarked on the calendar as a wine-lover highlight, and a wine-makers dream.

“...My only regret in life is that I did not drink more wine.”

Ernest Hemingway

A Boutique Event

Limited Access

With only 15 winemakers represented and only 300 access tickets per day, we want to give you personal time to select and enjoy your wines… 

The displays and tasting areas are spread over 5 venues between two restaurants, allowing for a comfortable break between tasting areas.