Carmen Stevens Wines


Handcrafted with passion for South African soils

We source our fruit from a range of grape-growing regions with exceptional vineyards, enabling us to celebrate the array of soil types of South Africa, each adding its unique touch to our wines.  Individual small batches of wines are handmade and blended later to heighten what we strive to showcase in each vintage. Carmen Stevens Wines was established in 2011 with our maiden vintage in 2014.

We celebrate each growing season by highlighting the attributes that Mother Nature gives us with each vintage. Our work is to accentuate the positive attributes of the specific year and display these characteristics in full to the wine lover. Each bottle of Carmen Stevens Wines is truly handmade, and we are committed to only using plant-derived additives that ensure our wines can be enjoyed by all.



Meet the 2022 Show Wines...

Julie Rose
Chenin Blank
Sauvignon Blanc

These will be the wines available from the Carmen Stevens Wines at the 2022, 15Estates Boutique Wine Show to come and taste and experience!

Our Wine Maker... Carmen Stevens

Carmen Stevens has been in the South African Wine Industry since qualifying in 1995. Carmen graduated as the first black South African to study the art of winemaking in South Africa. In January 2019, Carmen registered the first 100% black-owned winery in South Africa in the picturesque Stellenbosch.