Piekenierskloof Wines


We work the land. We toil in the sun. We dance with the stones.

Back in the 1900’s Johan Abraham van Zyl was one of 5 sons from a family in the Citrusdal valley. When the time came for the sons to branch out on their own, they drew lots to determine which brother would have the unnerving task of farming on the untamed and rugged Piekenierskloof Mountain. 

The lot fell on an unmarried brother who was rescued from this fate by Johan Abraham’s wife, Wilhelmina.  Wilhelmina insisted that she and Johan Abraham should rather attend to this daunting task, as the unmarried brother would surely struggle to develop a farm without the support of a wife! 

As such, Johan Abraham and Wilhelmina settled in the undeveloped, rugged mountain ridge of the Piekenierskloof in 1923 and in 1962 their son, Carel van Zyl, planted the first vineyards in the Piekenierskloof.



Meet the 2022 Show Wines...

Heirloom Red Blend
Grenache Rose
Stonedance Hutton Red
Stonedance Granite White

These will be the wines available from Piekenierskloof Wines at the 2022, 15Estates Boutique Wine Show to come and taste and experience!

Our Wine Maker... Jaco van Niekerk

Jaco has honed his winemaking skills in estate wineries like Boschendal, Seidelberg, Chateau Chasse-Spleen Bordeaux and Simi California as well as in 48000 ton large scale winemaking operations like Lutzville Vineyards on the West Coast.

When he is not making wine or entertaining a customer, he can be found in the midst of a Nguni cattle herd following in the footsteps of a generation gone back, or in front of an open fire with a glass of Shiraz, in proper South African fashion.